Sunday sermon from the mouse

The expat’s lot can vary over a wide range range of experiences.  From disgustingly overpaid to woefully underpaid.  From quite acceptable accommodation standards through to some quite rugged stuff.  Some who are quite happy to move from workplace to restaurant to bar, some who will read books and watch DVDs and some who live for diving and lying on hot sandy beaches.

Most of the time, you are still operating in a world far distant from most Timorese.   Every now and then, you meet an expat who makes you feel like an elite swine for living the “high life” while many Timorese are starving.  I don’t have an answer for this one.  Should I flagellate myself to increase my own level of discomfort ?  Should I forgo that one beer and hand over the money saved to someone who could eat for 2 days ?

Then I watch the TV news and see the rest of the world proceeding onwards regardless.  Global warming, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, North Korea, food safety, iPods, 3G mobile phones, widescreen high definition TVs, streaming internet movies.

Should I feel more guilty because I am here ?  … sometimes

One thought on “Sunday sermon from the mouse

  1. Like your stuff. I read it via the ETAN list. Would love to meet up when next in TL – hopefully in the next few weeks.

    We’re an investment bank doing stuff in TL. I know for a ‘chaser type’ like you, you’re probably thinking “investment bank” … “TL” … oh ohhhh.

    But we’re the good ones … 😉 … someone will have to build the economy and the sectors they are missing … like fishing.

    Let me know if you’re keen to meet. When not in Timor, I’m Sydney-based.

    Ciao (feel free to educate me on the Tetum equivalent)

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