Minor hotel/restaurant changes

The Bangkok Thai down at Metiaut (on the way to Christo Rei) now has an Indian menu.  I haven’t tried it yet.

The new hotel next to City Cafe has now put up its sign.  It is called the “Discovery Inn”.  I may stick my nose in soon, as accommodation around town is said to be tight, courtesy of many UN Police nabbing anything with a bed in it.

Now that the wet season is bringing rain down more regularly, Cafe Brasil has (a couple of weeks ago) retired the outdoor gazebo in the front.

Aaron has retired from the kitchen at Castaways, leaving Simon pretty stretched these days.

4 thoughts on “Minor hotel/restaurant changes

  1. Having spent the past week trying to find accommodation for visitors (even a manger in a stable would do at this point), I can save you the trouble of contacting the Discovery Inn. It is fully booked for the next five months (at present it’s already full of EU observer types). Still, it looks like a lovely renovation job and will eventually be a great place for tourists once all this bother has died down. The Thai Pavilion (the one that looks like a Swiss Chalet near Pertamina) was scheduled to open around now, but sadly they have put construction on hold indefinitely due to stone-throwing activities in the vicinity. However, as you know, restaurant is functioning and does a lovely Thai lunch buffet. Please encourage this beleaguered tourism entrepreneur by giving it a try, folks. This accommodation squeeze is a bit of a problem in the long term, as tourists are trying to book holidays here later in the year (yes, believe it or not) and finding no room at the (Discovery) Inn or anywhere else for that matter. Perhaps some of the UN and NGO’s should try living out it the wonderful wide world of Dili by renting houses off locals, allowing us to proceed with the long term business of developing tourism here.

  2. tasted the new indian menu at Bangkok Thai: not bad, the chef is actually indian.
    The other thai, in front of Hotel Dili 2001 is better!



  3. Have since checked out Discovery Inn but baulked at casing the joint completely as it looks like the EU Election monitoring team has booked out the entire place. Also messed up parking outside with another batch of white 4WDs.

    Place looks quite neat, nice upstairs bar, chef with funny white hat and a restaurant that looked very restauranty. But did not go in as it looked like I was not meant to be there at the time.

    Maybe when the fabulously well-paid attractive blonde EU election monitor invites me to check out her etchings, then I might be able to give a more thorough assessment ……….. I just woke up again.

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