Google Earth news plus an underwear change

Yesterday, I zipped into my Google Earth of Dili and nothing … blank … nada.

I knew what it was straight away.  Google Earth had expired the saved store of images because there were a new set of satellite photos.  It will take a bit of slurping at an internet cafe, but I will slowly work on updating the imagery and finally comprehend everything I am seeing compared to the old 2005 pictures.

You can now see the airport IDP camp quite clearly just south of the airport and the Central Maritime Hotel (the floating hotel which left in May 2006) is no longer in picture but I have the floating bed there as a memory.  The state of the front of the Palacio do Governo suggests the imagery is dated before November 2006 as significant landscaping works have been almost completed in that area.

You can clearly see the New Comorro market lining the street near Pertamina Wharf but it is pretty much solid stalls on both sides now.  The OZ military presence at the heliport is in its early stages – it has expanded a lot since.

The IDP camp across from the port entrance looks like it is not there but maybe it is all under the trees.  Other IDP camps at the National Pharmacy warehouse and Don Bosco school are clearly visible.

It really is a case of spot the white UNHCR tents.  For those that can – enjoy.


I believe there are humungous problems going on right now but I do not know details.  OZ Embassy have racheted up security to LEVEL 5.  This is basically getting close to skid marks on the underwear stuff.  I thought I heard a gunshot a while ago but dismissed it until I got the LEVEL 5 message.

3 thoughts on “Google Earth news plus an underwear change

  1. Hi

    I’m trying to get some information on the floating hotel that left Dili in mid-2006.

    Can you e-mail give me the owners’ name or any sort of contact?



  2. Last year, I commented on it’s departure in a post here. I think it was Thai-owned at the time but I know no more as it’s old life here in Dili is before my time. I have several photos of it but I just can not make out the name on the stern.

    At the time, the marketing manager was Gina Carrascalao who (I think) is now the manager at the Casa Minha Hotel.

    I am sure FOS knows a bit more than me and can relate the odd shameful act performed on-board.

  3. I was just going through my photo collection in order to archive them to DVD and found the name of the Central Maritime Hotel. It’s real name was the “Veksa 0335”.

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