The shifting sands

I was woken by very loud chopper noise this morning (from the heliport) which seemed to go on for an hour between 5am and 6am.  I thought oh, oh … but then it was different.  It seemed quite static.  Troop movements, I thought ??

As far as I could tell, the day was relatively quiet, except for the shift in emphasis to the districts.  I guess it was only a matter of time.  I don’t know any details but I guess I will know by mid-morning tomorrow what the new deal is.

So Major Alfredo is in Same and there is some form of stalemate (or was when I last heard).  The UN has raised its security and the OZ embassy has been quite specific about Same in their advice.

As for me, I decided that it was OK to go down to Cristo Rei for exercise this evening – first time for a week.  When I left, apart from a number of GNR, I was the only white face.  On my way back, a fleet of UN Police seemed to be headed down that way, but none of the usual civilians.  Maybe I made a strategic error – but I don’t think so.  This part of town is pretty cool.  But it reflects a heightened security environment.  I cycle past an IDP camp that not one week ago, was flinging rocks at passing vehicles.  I wonder if I am getting a bit blase about it all.

The western part of town is not so good.  FatOldSod seems to have some choice neighbours.  The airport is a barrel of laughs.  The Delta area not crash hot either.

The UN election volunteers may have the more interesting lives at the moment.  I smelt rice cooking today so there must be some out there now.  The Leader ANZ ATM is down again.  Traffic lights are on but compliance is variable.  Yogurt is back.

2 thoughts on “The shifting sands

  1. I am a graduate student in the U.S., about to leave for dissertation work in Dili. I would really like to get your advice about the security situation. Would you mind emailing me?


  2. I would suggest you bookmark the Australian Government website This represents the official position in relation to Australians here. Presume that all white skinned English speakers are taken to be Australians. This warning is updated and adjusted daily and seems to be getting more useful all the time, even though it never says “why”.

    If you have never been here before, I guess I would be saying stay away at the moment. Most who have been here for 6+ months will know their way around and this is important.

    At the moment, things are in a state of flux. It looks like things are swinging back to “stay put as much as possible”.

    I can’t put myself in your shoes so can not give any more advice than that. Follow the above OZ travel warnings and from your own government.

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