The Banners

Actually, I have been meaning to mention this one for weeks but keep forgetting. For the last month or so, huge banners have been strung across roads around town. The gist of all of them is pretty much “only one Timor” or “Timor ida deit” (in tetun).

They are strung across the road in front of the Palacio do Governu and are now adorning the building itself. They are also adorning the Comorro Bridge and a few other spots around town. I have also seen quite a few fences being used for organised adornment along similar lines – better known as graffiti.

I don’t know who has organised all of this but there is some skilful artwork on display. I should point out that there is an active arts community and “Arte Moris” is probably the best known of the arts based organisations. Arte Moris (Living Art) is based near the airport and has a reasonable gallery of works which are available for sale.