Approaching Nirvana

Well, week 2 has not been one of my better health weeks. After getting off to a flier with severe gut problems and head-butting the bathroom floor, my guts have been particularly dodgy. The middle of the night visits to the conveniences certainly eventually knocks you around.

But things were looking up when the Dili Club had free drinks for 3 hours on Friday night. Now you have to go with me here. If you are from Melbourne, then no explanation is necessary. But for the others, many people have certain things that remind them of their past … places they went, things they ate, things they drank, people on TV etc.

On arrival at the Dili Club, I saw them … unmistakable … I pinched myself … no, still here. I went up to the bar and asked Phil (the owner) “Are you doing dim sims ? are they really Marathon dimmers ?”. His answer, “yep, sure are Marathins … absolutely love them … I’ll cook you up some”.

So out they come, with the prescribed soy sauce and I was on my way. Free beer (Melbourne Bitter at that) and free dim sims – highly salubrious.

Whenever I hit Melbourne, I am well known for seeking out the genuine Marathon article and re-living old times, even the time Shane and I had 18 each in one sitting. Aah, those were the days.

And Phil has assured me that he can supply bulk frozen Marathons no problems. Now this is approaching nirvana.