Too Much Wind

I have been suffering with too much wind lately. Not my own, but nature’s version. For the last week or so, it has actually been quite windy and combined with the fact it is dry season, you end up with a lot of dust and in my case, far too much coughing – its genetic.

The wind whips up the sea into a furious 0.3 metre chop. Even at this modest fury, the waves break over some of the seawalls along the esplanade. At the weak spots (outside the Malaysian Embassy and near the Farol lighthouse), it has not been uncommon to see piles of sand covering half the road. And to my amazement, road crews actually cleaning it up several days later.

The transition from 95+% humidity in summer to the current dry conditions is intriguing. That’s if you call 28 degrees and 80% humidity dry ! The hills have burned off to a dry beige colour and the significant reduction in ground cover means walking or running in the hills is even more dangerous on the loose gravelly surface.

It is a tradition to burn off all the dry grass on the hills. While I understand this is good for the soil, I imagine some pretty ugly erosion is also the result when rains finally come.

Phew … I must have writers block. I’m actually talking about the weather !