ATM Rage

Its a strange world we live in. As far as I know, there are only 2 ATM machines in Dili for provision of cash. Both are run by Australia/New Zealand’s ANZ bank. One is at the one and only ANZ bank in TL and the other is inside the Leader supermarket.

The only one available outside of business hours is the one at the bank itself. But its out of commission right now. Why ? Someone took to the ATM with a person thumping object and caused fatal damage. I would think every Australian and New Zealander plus numerous other locals and other expats use the ANZ, so the elimination of the only out of hours ATM machine is bad karma for a number of people. Particularly those who can not get to the bank during business hours.

Poor fellow, it is understood he may be on the bank’s security camera. Could be a career down the drain and a huge repair bill. Its the talk of the town but no names have been mentioned.

And now for some restaurant news. The BanThai restaurant now has a new owner and is now known as the Bangkok Thai. The Shanghai restaurant (near Castaways) is undergoing extensive renovation. I do not anyone who has ever eaten at the Shanghai and one acquaintance described it as the only restaurant in town that doesn’t sell food. It is rumoured it will become a hotel-like establishment.

Alas, the Beach Cafe remains closed but intact. I am not the only one who regarded this as a Burmese restaurant at the top of its game. I’ll be reporting on it like a rabid dog until it finally re-opens, which is constantly rumoured.

2 thoughts on “ATM Rage

  1. Hey,

    How about the Indian food right next to the Backpacker’s hotel? Very good prices, though wonder just how they can be so good???? ;).

  2. I have to admit I rate its murtabak better than the small outdoor joint across from Vila Verde cathedral. Have only eaten a couple of times at the Backpackers and have not come to a huge conclusion. The other sub-continental restaurant across the road didn’t impress me – too much ghee.

    I mean if I want a swim, Christo Rei will do fine. But not a bowl full of ghee.

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