The Slob returns

I was doing so well, then 10 days in OZ and I am a wreck. Stress relief ? Recidivist slob ?

I did my bit to reduce the OZ wine lake and never refused seconds. Results +3kgs, out of shape, dacks a bit tight … back to the punishment.

Weather great as usual, popped down to Christo Rei to commence physical recovery. And what is there now that wasn’t there the last time I went. A whole lot of (presumably) Portuguese military police (GNR) stripped down to g-strings* doing push-ups I dream about.

Girls, I will give you a tip. If you like 6-packs and beefcake, Christo Rei in the afternoon is your place. As for me (and a few other normal types), I just tried to hide in the corner as much as possible.

* more commonly known in OZ as budgie smugglers