Time for a break

It had to come but it is time for a rest away from Dili. In a way, I don’t want to miss anything but the way things are going at the moment, its hard to know when is a good time.

I guess most expats would have assumed that things would continue being a bit rough as long as the PM held on to his position. But many may have assumed that better times were coming if he resigned. But the longer the PM stayed on, the less comfortable I felt about that conclusion. The increased violence of this week is not a good sign and I (and many others) are back to wondering just where it will all go from here.

Lets see how many kilos I put on in a week.

6 thoughts on “Time for a break

  1. Squatter,

    Realise you may still be having a tilt at lowering your health levels, but I wanted to aska favour. Trying to get in touch with Isa Bradridge of orphanage / Timor Sun fame. Would you be able to find an old copy of the paper and flick the office phone number for teh paper across by email? Isa’s mobile is on the fritz (or TT is…)


  2. Thanks.

    No joy on his phone or email and can’t connect to the fax.

    Is the paper being published at the moment, or is that one of the many services yet to return…


    PS. Only 3kgs? Not enough effort mate, your readers expected better.

  3. TimorSun has not been published for a while.

    3kgs. Well, I did add a bit more but my family read this !!
    For me, it really feels like strapping a few cans of baked beans around my gut.

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