Dili Recovering #4

I am having a bad run with place names of late. I will try to do better (& listen harder !). I am trying really hard not to be yet another source of rumour.

It seems I have been spared most of the really outlandish rumours. But this morning, a French naval ship (the Floreal) docked at the waterfront. Apparently, this is a regular annual stop at this time of the year. Anyway, the rumour goes like this : Many foreigners will be invited onto the ship for drinks … just watch them take a small bag with all their precious belongings … then they will all leave.

Well, I have not been invited. But if I am, I sure will be going for drinks as I have never had drinks on a French naval vessel before. But no, I won’t have a small bag with clean underwear. I will be wearing the clean underwear as you don’t want to be caught short on a French naval vessel with dirty grundies.

I just have to mention this one. Yesterday was the first day since I have been in Dili that I have seen a roadworks gang actually lay bitumen on any road anywhere. A number of troublespots around town have received the final treatment yesterday and today. This is great news at any time, given the general state of the roads. But yesterday was also the opening of the Fretilin party congress