Nehan-moras (or toothache)

I have always rejected buying lottery tickets as statistically, you have more chance of losing rather than winning. Now is obviously not the right time to start either.

So the gods decree that I must have a toothache. I have not had one of these since I was about 10 years of age. About 7 months ago, I had a dental check-up and was told “these are the best looking teeth I have seen in a long time”.

I have flossed my teeth a zillion times, used mouthwash 10 times a day and popped pain killers regularly. The first signs appeared about 3 days ago and it has got worse. At times, it is excruciating.

So I should go to the dentist, right ? I believe there are a couple of dental technicians in TL, but there are certainly no dental X-ray machines. I was told that the answer to all teeth problems here is extraction.

It is possible it is an abscess and it is even possible I pinched a nerve in my jaw (during a particularly ferocious yawn last week). So I will go see the doctor first and if he says go see a dentist, I will be winging off to Bali or Darwin.