I’m with the pigs !

Quoting from Agence France Presse

Dili’s stray pigs must go: East Timor’s FM
DILI, Feb 20 2006

Stray pigs roaming free in East Timor’s capital are a disgrace and must be dealt with before they affect foreign investment, Foreign Minister Jose Ramos Horta said Monday.

“I have never found another place in this world, especially beaches, crowded by pigs that roam freely and foul public spaces like the beaches” in Dili, Horta told a press conference on a new hotel investment here.

If nothing was done to rid the coastal capital of the beasts, “it could possibly discourage interest of enterpreneurs to invest in East Timor,” Horta said as he called on the city’s mayor to take action.

“Dili is a capital. Dili is a barometer of the economy of Timor Leste because about 80 percent of economic activity takes place here,” the minister said.

Well, I am with the pigs. No mention of the dogs who wander equally aimlessy or even the goats and chooks. Sorry, Jose. First it will be the pigs, then the goats, then the chooks, then the dogs, then no street peddlars, then cleaning up the rubbish bins, then fixing the potholes, then no lean-tos and tents by the beach, then no selling of fish by the roadside, no coconuts, then comes traffic lights, then high rise buildings, then speed cameras, microlets will be replaced by buses. Then no-one would want to visit.

C’mon Jose. Don’t follow – lead. The other countries allow dogs but only with a licence. Lead the world. Introduce pig licences. And what about pig shows, pig obedience classes, fetch the stick Oinki – Jose, just do it !