Restaurant changes

The Harbour View Cafe sign is no more.  The restaurant still exists but now proudly displays the fact that it is a Thai Restaurant.  Not that you would notice a lot of difference once inside (it had Thai food anyway when it was Harbour View) but it is another sign of the changing times (ie no sign anymore).

Similarly, Alfa-Omega appears to no longer exist and is now calling itself Gerland Restaurant, suggesting that “Soupy” has moved on.

The Nautilus restaurant (in the old Fat Boys premises) is ever so slowly taking shape.

The Atlantic Grill is much quieter these days after management changes.

There is a new very local restaurant called Baratu right next to the new EU premises on the east side of the Palacio.

1 thought on “Restaurant changes

  1. i cannot believe so many changes have happened since last time i got to read your lines and… since i went out dining! i have kept on reading also on the markets issue, i used to love driving by mercado lama and choose the best tomatoes for my minestrone, that i proudly scooped out as totally sustainable italian style veggie soup!
    KBL is a rotten place… i am not sure it fits me anymore.
    looking forward moving on at the end of my current assignment!
    On, on! xx

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