Tarts on the couch

The two Chris’s put a name to their hobby band last night – “Tarts on the Couch”.  No doubt related to many hours spent on the couch practising for their rare public appearances.  (And the amount of “I remember when …” crap spoken.)

The boys have struck an arrangement with one of the better local bands in town to front them just to get their own rocks off.  Backed by the Timorese boys on drums, bass and guitar, the twin guitar heroes strutted their stuff at Motion last night.

Good time had by all with some fairly dodgy dancing and some manoeuvres best left to the privacy of one’s own home.  Going to see a rock band sure is a great way to blow out the Dili dust.  Loved the Hendrix stuff C1 !!  But why did I go home after midnight and put on death metal at full bore ?

2 thoughts on “Tarts on the couch

  1. i wish i was there… because i heard the band playing once and thought they were great (at least at something!).
    the security guard outside my house went a little crazy and while i was in the shower yesterday arvo, he shot some 10 bullets to the guy down the road. fortunately, missing him out. what a useless piece of… man.

  2. So I guess that means you are/were sorely missed. Yes, we missed the RO groupy thing at the gig. Mosh pit without RO is like water melon without the pips…

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