Bar/restaurant closures

Apparently, Fat Boys Bar opened for the last time last night.  Cheap beers were had and lots of snack foods.

About a week ago, the Thai Jasmine restaurant closed and the sign on the gate says something like : “Closed.  Re-opening at the end of May as Tuk Tuk down on the beach”.  I believe this is somewhere down near Hotel California.

4 thoughts on “Bar/restaurant closures

  1. Mega Indian has also been closed of an evening. Went by twice during last week and both nights the shutters were down.

  2. I just opened up your blog, and it’s missing a whole heap of posts (this one is the most recent I can see). A bit of investigation, and I’ve found the reason for your issues with the server change.

    There are 2 DNS servers listed as being able to resolve into an IP address: and

    ns1 is resolving to, ns2 is resolving it to Oops! Time to give your hosting provider a swift kick-in-the-fork.

    It’s pot luck which of the 2 servers a computer will use, and once it’s got a result, it will generally cache the result for up to 24 hours. So every 24 hours or so, there’s a chance your readers will get the wrong IP for the next 24 hours.

  3. Seems Megha Indian may have just been on holidays. It’s back open and producing great food albeit a tad more expense it seems these days.

  4. And Carlos (ex-Purple Cow) has just been through a re-jig. The restaurant bit on the beach side of the road is closed but a flasher eatery has now been installed in the main building on the other side of the road.

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