The quake

The media is swamped with articles about the big shake here in Dili.  In January 2006, I commented on a big shake at that time.  But I have a less inspiring story this time.

I was mooching around the house this morning doing stuff and left my morning shower until I had done a bit of sweating first.  There I was showering away, head in a lather doing the shampoo job when the more attractive half of the house rushed in to share earthquake experiences.  Apparently the place swayed and shook and all loose items had a bit of a sway/shake/rattle.

Being in the middle of a good shampoo job on my head, I knew nothing about it at all.   Nothing broke, no tsunami, I must have been on the Planet Zog.  That’s some good shampoo !!

One thought on “The quake

  1. Mate while you where shampooing I was actually enjoying a nice expresso at the City Cafe, suppose it was about luch time, the earthquake shook the table and as I started to realise what was actually happening I noticed a flurry of UN staff rushing out from the restaurant in a frantic panic, a couple of the “Scholars” actually went as far as the road and nearly got cleaned up by local traffic!

    Wondering, I thought how bizzar, you survive the earthquake but then you get hit by a car as you run onto the the road without looking, didnt need much as it is only a one way road, so just looking to your right would have been enough! The panic soon settled, then one really intellingent character mentioned Tsunami, well you should have seen the exodus from the cafe, all “Scholars” rushed to their cars and vacated the scene, couldnt help by wondering “Where they where going” its not like you could really get far if it actually happened, though, I suppose taking refuge under the bed would be a good start!

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