The return of the President

This is the time to be brushing up on the old Ben Hur movie as tomorrow’s welcome back for President Ramos-Horta is looking like it could be bigger than Ben.

Tomorrow has been called a “day of tolerance” and I believe this means tomorrow morning is a public holiday which might mean not much going on in government offices.

The President arrives at 8am which will be followed by a brief Press Conference.  The population are being encouraged to line the roads to welcome back the President.  I think it was decided it would be a good thing not to encourage people to swamp the airport.

Meanwhile the next move in the rebel stakes is that Gastao Salsinha has promised to hand himself in on 27 April.  I am not sure of the significance of this date but it may mean the “state of emergency” will continue past the current 22 April finish date.

The President’s return has been a magnificent thing for the roads from town out to his residence near the Christo Rei statue – except if you actually wanted to use that road during the roadworks of the past week or so.  I used that road on the weekend and can only say I am looking forward to the final result which in theory, must be finished by 8am tomorrow.

This is but one way to schedule roadworks.  But you need a lot of Presidents if you want the whole country done.

3 thoughts on “The return of the President

  1. If the curfew continues on, (yawn) does that mean there will be no dawn service on ANZAC Day?

  2. You are allowed out after 5am and my bottomless pit email archive says 5:30am start last year. Unless you are coming from Maubisse, Liquica or further afield, I can’t see a particular problem there.

    And who says he will give himself up when he says anyway. It just a future date which can be ignored as dates have been ignored many times in the past.

  3. President has been back only days and we have already had 2 good sized earthquakes, seems he is back and has started to “shake things up”, pitty he started off his return tour with a bit of a sook though, not usually a good sign of the strength needed to do the enormous task of rebuilding what could one day be a great little Country. Anyway, he’s hoping they get their act together soon and start delivering goods and services to the masses, cause if things remain in limbo as they have been for the past number of years Earthquake’s will really be the last of this beautiful little countries problems.

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