Dog 1, Me 0

Nothing much happening really.  Lots of afternoon rain lately.  Lots of roof leaks.  Yesterday, a foul smell started emanating from the house.  Today, the smell is now in the bedroom and very suggestive of a dead rat festering away in a pool of water in the ceiling.

Got bitten by a dog recently.  Lots of blood.  Bruising like I have been beaten with a baseball bat.  Even more colourful language of the lumberjack variety.  Rabies booster.  Sore leg.  Poor sleeping.  Mood swings.

Otherwise not much happening here.

6 thoughts on “Dog 1, Me 0

  1. Not Doris. Probably Boris. I don’t know what it is but there must be something in the water – compare a Timorese dog with a Balinese dog. Balinese dogs can sleep on the road and trust that a vehicle streaming past will not run them over. A Timorese dog would have a go at the tyres !

    Maybe he mistook my calves for tyres !

  2. It’s funny how when you get bitten by a dog, everyone’s a comedian. Reminds me of when I got hit in the goolies at cricket practice once. I am rolling around in agony. Everyone else is rolling around laughing.

  3. Re. the smell. Two dead rats found festering in pool of water in ceiling, courtesy of roof leak. Fetid water leaks into room below. Stench stimulates the urge to regurgitate.

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