Easter curfew & eating

I am sure I am going to get this wrong but if I understand correctly, curfew hours were changed to 1am to 5am for the Easter period and will revert to 11pm to 5am after Easter.  Thats one more hour at night and in the morning.  Most people can not understand why there is a curfew at all but it does encourage better sleeping for some.

The restaurants and bars will be happier.  Down in the Metiaut area, the Enigma nightclub has morphed itself into the “Nelayan Restaurant” as the 100% nightclub scene has taken a big hit.  Across the road, the “Thai Foods” restaurant has had a name change to “Siam Reterong” but I think the staff and management are the same.

Easter has been very quiet.  At times, the churches are packed to the gunnels and if the F-FDTL roadblock near the lighthouse hasn’t caused enough traffic problems, the thousands of people standing in the streets just to participate in the services at Motael Church pretty much blocked the area completely.  The Pope would be pleased with turn-outs like this around the world.

Some restaurants are closed but numbers of eaters are down considerably so it is understandable.  Even Lita supermarket seemed to be closed today at lunchtime so Tiger Fuel became the spot for milk.  I guess things will loosen up over the rest of the weekend and I am not talking about my gastric system here.

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