St.Patricks Day

In Dili, this is my one day of the year when Guinness takes priority over all other forms of ingestible substances.  In fact, its the only day at all in Dili when it is possible to imbibe of the elixir of life – well, its the elixir until tomorrow morning.  It dredges up memories of evenings at Filthy McFaddens and afternoons around the keg …….

Getting back to reality for just a moment, the Riung Kuring restaurant seems to be now known as the “Wasabi” Japanese/Indonesian restaurant – card marked.  I think I recently called the “Sabai Sabai” restaurant (ex Soupys/Bangkok Thai) the Sabia.  You know what’s its like … you try to remember : “when I get home, its the Sabai, Sabai, Sabai,  Sabai,  Sabai,  Sabai”.  Then you get home and its the Sabia.  What was I thinking ?

These days, there is a new establishment next to the Sabai Sabai called the ???? which does body maintenance or something like that.  Presume I mean massage, hair cut or something along those lines.  I couldn’t remember that one by the time I got home either.

Its not all gravy though.  I once did the Guinness brewery tour and I wasn’t sure if I was in Disneyland Dublin-style or not.

2 thoughts on “St.Patricks Day

  1. When your head is cleared,,,, I would like to know more about the hair salon- massage place near Sabai Sabai.

    Is it legit therapeutic massage.

    I have very valid reasons for asking this question but can’t find updated info on the net.

    I would appreciate it.

    Many Thanks

  2. I know the place is called “Long Beach Health Salon” or something like that. It actually has quite a flash office-like area but being the supreme picture of good health that I am, I have never found the need to utilise their services.

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