Old year resolution

I am not into New Year resolutions because that gives you 365 days to be accused of procrastination.  Far safer to do an old year resolution which has a life of … 11 hours.

I achieved throwing away bedtime reading for sudoku puzzles but don’t have much time left to attain supreme levels of fitness before the day is out.  But I am well on the way.  A bit of heavy lifting of beer cartons and re-stocking the fridge should just about do it.

Living in Dili remains a roller-coaster ride.  What next ?  Another generator failure, more bowel trouble, more rises in airfares to get out, a return of local police to the streets, more yogurt shortages, TL’s first aircraft carrier … the suspense !

But my water tells me that tonight would be a good opportunity for the “scrotes” to nudge the turps and have a handy excuse for having a bit of fun at someone else’s expense.  My advice is no matter what you do to greet the New Year, try not to get a lift in a UN vehicle … and never get caught without clean underwear.