Wait – there’s more !

If you thought the appointment of the PM was exciting, what about the Dili Court giving permission for convicted criminal  and ex-Minister of the Interior (and controller of the police) Rogerio Lobato permission to leave the country for medical treatment – just one day before the appointment of the new PM … and the new government.

The timing of that seems interesting enough but within hours of the swearing in ceremony, the new government rescinds the permission.  And to keep the excitement level right up there, the privately chartered plane is stopped from leaving while the Lobato family is on board.  Racy stuff.  That was yesterday.  Rogerio spent the night on the plane parked on the tarmac while lawyers were tackling the issue.

Late today, I understand the plane did leave – with legal permission and with no requirement to return.  And with threats of contempt of court against the new government.  I watch the ABC news and it feels like the new government were in error.  Better re-visit this in a month,eh ?

Who’d bother reading novels.

3 thoughts on “Wait – there’s more !

  1. I suppose the autorities will have to give INTERPOL a call later on when they find out Rogerio decides not to come back.

  2. Does anyone know what happened to Rui Araujo-the previous Min for Health-where did he go?Who is the new one?

  3. My understanding is that Dr. Rui had already accepted a position in the health sector outside the political machinations. I understood he was a rarity, being a minister who was not a Fretilin member. Maybe someone else can fill in the details.

    According to my previous post, the new Health Minister is Nelson Martins.

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