More caution required

During my media scan this morning, “Time” magazine’s correspondent reported that Tiger Fuels had received a threat against Australian businesses.

When I combine that with an admission by senior Fretilin man Arsenio Bano that they had lost control of Fretilin supporters, I have now ratcheted up the squatter warning system and dragged out the heavyweight underwear with super-absorbent gusset.

These anti-OZ campaigns are switched on and off in a planned fashion and as I recall, this is the 3rd such campaign over the last 12 months.  What it means is the difference between being a watcher and being watched.  It fits in with recent reports of more car windscreen breakages and definitely puts the bicycle into cotton wool for a while.

The average Timorese is not part of these campaigns.

The best publishable description I can come up with about all this is “cynical”.

2 thoughts on “More caution required

  1. Morning mate. Actually 3 company’s received a ‘credible threat’. Tiger fuels was one, Rentlo was one and my company was the other. I had a call from Barry Brown, Australian consul, last Sunday, as did the the two afore mentioned places. Apparently some ‘Fretelin’ militants are under the impression that my company is Aussie owned and operated. Bloody cheek. My landlord is a fairly big wheel in the party so I consider the ‘militants’ particularly ill-informed. And Rentlo is Timorese owned. These ‘militants’ really need to get their act together.

  2. Folks. If you want to make FOS angry, call him an Aussie. He is a gin-swilling Brit through and through. (I know !)

    Point is that if you are white skinned, you may as well be from OZ.

    But don’t pick on the Brit who calls Dili home and is really trying to make a go of it here in TL and give something to the place.

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