Harbour View cafe closed

I noticed the Harbour View cafe has now closed its doors, so that’s one less Thai food outlet in town. It was confirmed to me that it closed finally on Thursday.

Although I rarely went there, it did have a good outlook over the harbour – if a bit noisy from traffic at times. I know that one other restaurant is looking for new premises – I wonder.

Addendum : I am told that a major factor in the closure was hassles from the IDP camp next-door. Hassling the owners for food and perhaps making customers nervous. With the closure of the Little Padang restaurant just down the road, that means there are now no “by-the-roadside” eateries on the seafront from the Palacio east to Pig Bridge. Of course, there are Hotel Dili (a personal favourite) and Hotel Turismo but neither restaurant has a view.

3 thoughts on “Harbour View cafe closed

  1. Have they closed the Harbour View Cafe permanently, sold out or have they just closed and boarded it up till things calm down.

    I thought that was owned or part owned by Aussies. Have they cleared out of Dili.

    That has got to be so hard on these hard working people and their l
    hardworking staff to have their lives and their livelihood turned upside down.

    Must have been really scary with the IDP camp right next door. Hope they are all ok.

    Cheers All

  2. I believe Jim is still running the boat business but he had leased out the food side to someone else. I would now think it is boarded up until things settle down. I don’t think anyone has cleared out yet.

    Maybe someone else knows things more accurately than me.

    I guess it may have been scary on the odd occasion but it simply could not have been good for business.

    This is one IDP camp that simply must move. So must the one opposite the port and the one at the airport.

  3. Is the Harbour View Cafe still closed or has it opened up again now that things seem to have quietened down a bit over there?

    Cheers All


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