Government – a work in progress

A few deadlines seem to have come and gone and a new government is slowly emerging. The new parliament sat on Monday and a new president of parliament (think speaker in the Westminster system) was elected by the new parliament.

Voting went according to party lines. That is, pretty much Fretilin/Kota v. the rest. The rest won as expected with the presidency going to the Democratic party’s Fernanda “LaSama” de Araujo. That leaves CNRT and ASDT/PSD to take up the other senior positions if everything goes along similar lines.

So maybe this Friday, we might have a new PM. I presume that there will be the decision then the official appointment then a bit more negotiating while Ministerial positions are sorted.  So it could still be weeks before a settled government is in place and then there are appointments of civil service department heads to be sorted.

I have been sunk low for a few days with giardia where the porcelain has sustained a savage beating. I once thought I had iron guts but I have my doubts.  My hobby of licking Dili restaurant toilet seats is over.

4 thoughts on “Government – a work in progress

  1. And I have only admitted to the more savoury hobbies !

    And another thing, when the tinadazole packet says something like “alcohol should not be taken for 24 hours while on this medication”, does this mean you can be 3 sheets to the wind when you pop the pills ?

    I can provide feedback on consuming alcohol about 15 hours after taking the dose and can report a horrendous hang-over.

    A further strengthening of domestic water security has been undertaken.

  2. Hi there … would love to have a chat with you about what’s going on in Dili and how the new pm is being received … trying to dig for contacts for a chat on triple j radio but happy to chat off the record first. With this list of hobbies you could be the person for the job! Send me an email with a contact number and I’ll give you a call. Cheers – Kate O’Toole.

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