I did a big trip on the bicycle on the weekend (4 tyre punctures) on the seaside stretch to the east. Even the “green slime” tyre inserts did nothing to prevent the punctures.

But what disturbed me more was the increasing rubbish on the top of “Ramos-Horta hill”. If you go east towards Hera past Jose Ramos-Horta’s residence, you climb a steep hill and at the top, there has been a burnt-out bus for ages. Someone has finally pushed the bus over the edge and it is now looking exactly like a rubbish dump. People are using this spot (with wonderful views) to dispose of industrial rubbish. It is getting worse.

Further on, I passed a number of beaches where similar rubbish dumping is occuring. So you go to relatively remote beaches and find truckloads of rubbish dumped in the vegetation by the beach.

Guys, this is a trend that needs reversing. And pumping out septic tanks into drains and …