Little Pattaya and Diya restaurants

One of the 2 unfinished restaurants under-construction last week has opened for drinks today. It is called the Little Pattaya and is located between the Bachky and Bangkok Thai restaurants at Metiaut on the way to Cristo Rei.

They think they will have appetizer food ready to serve tomorrow. The menu is obviously a bit abbreviated until the kitchen is fully kitted out, but they do have padh thai for $5 and about 10 other snack-oriented meals.

The decor is above average compared to others on the beach strip and it has a very well situated bar made from a canoe and you sit behind it looking out to the sea.  The entire orientation is designed to focus your eyes to the sea and the sunset view is pretty good.

The restaurant at the Discovery Inn seems to be making itself known by having some form of opening this week.  It is known as the Diya restaurant, which is of unknown culinary origin to me at this stage.

My eating card is growing.

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