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A couple of times, I noticed the Metro Cafe with doors closed and I wondered if it really was. I am now convinced – concreting up the entire front facade was a dead give-away. With MyFali, Foodstart and Starco restaurants nearby, similar style of eating is still available. I have noticed Starco clientele increasing substantially lately.

People have reported Restaurant 99 across the road from the stadium as becoming popular. It is Chinese and on my card to visit one day.

On the road to Christo Rei, there are 3 new places still taking shape. The first is about 100 metres on the east (ie Baucau) side of Sol e Mar. Another open air style establishment which could still be a couple of months away from opening.

Closer in at Metiaut, a restaurant/accommodation establishment has been under construction for a while. The accommodation rooms look very small but an upstairs eatery is under construction which should have neat views over the water. They have hung up their shingle now and Dili now has its own Hotel California.

Closer in again, another bar/restaurant is taking shape slowly between Bachky and Bangkok Thai restaurants. It looks like it will have a bar (made in the shape of a wooden canoe) such that customers look out to the sea. Again still a few weeks away from completion.

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  1. Dear Squatter
    Never one to dwell on the gloomy side of life in our beautiful country, I am trying to boost tourism. I have noticed that you are an assiduous poster of restaurant reviews… I have now started a blog for the Tourism Association
    in the hope that I can collect info about anything of interest to the intrepid visitor. The blog is still in embryonic form but I would be very grateful if you could post your restaurant posts on my blog, too, so to speak. I’d put a link to your site, but you do occasionally feature the less tourist-friendly side of things on Dili-gence, so perhaps that’s not appropriate.
    I’d just like to accentuate the positive. And I need help!
    Anyone else reading this is welcome to contribute their thoughts.
    Thanks very much
    Mrs Sod

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