My great gin failure

“Fat Old Sod” over at XananaRepublic has provided the perfect gin and tonic recipe, no doubt the result of many trial and error tests.  Unfortunately, I have to report that I have had to resort to some drastic measures.

No matter how many Omega-3 fish oil tablets I pop, I can’t retrieve the little bit of forgetfulness I encountered last weekend after a few lunchtime g&t heartstarters (and the odd follow-up beer and wine).  I am sorry to say that I have now moved to a self-imposed “no gin and tonic before 5pm” regime until I lift my game.

I am but a novice when it comes to drinking spirits, partly because I hardly drank the stuff before I came here.  Sorry, “FOS” for letting the side down.

2 thoughts on “My great gin failure

  1. Don’t worry mate. I’m sure you know who I am. Come round one ‘arvo and we’ll put in some practice. Or I’ll see you at Henry’s and show you my way.

  2. Having imbibed many G&Ts … I would have to say there is another use for limes. Some of us light weights, find the increase in fresh lime juice in town a boon. I think Caz is grateful that I pointed out the potential increase in custom if she took up the challenge with her neighbours and I would now put the two Areia Branca watering holes as first glass fresh juice. Three years ago there was a distinct lack but now fresh lime at about $1.50 beats all the fizz and sugary stuff, and ranges from Roo Bar, the two Beach Cafe’s, Esplanada. Others serve up a sort of “slush puppy” mush of liquidized whole limes and ice that then needs sifting through your teeth – not so good. Or the granulated sugar in packets which doesn’t melt but with the odd pip or two, plugs up the straw until over zealous sucking causes an apoplexy of lime flavoured coughing. Beats diet coke though. But after that first Glass – give me the G&T boys!

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