OK, so there might be some politics in this one

It’s hard to blather on about things here without mentioning the forthcoming elections. I am not sure exactly what positions are up for grabs and when things must happen according to the constitution and electoral laws. Mercifully, I have no intention of reading those as bed-time reading.

However, as I understand it, there are presidential (ie President Xanana Gusmao) and parliamentary (ie PM Ramos-Horta) elections which are meant to be conducted before June.

As I had heard it until yesterday, President Xanana does not want to continue as President, but wants to retire to pumpkin growing. A noble pastime, made even nobler if he took up broccoli as well (hint). Then yesterday I read that Xanana may put himself forward as a candidate for the parliament, representing a yet to be announced party. True ? I don’t know.

I have no idea what PM Ramos-Horta intends to do. I think everyone thinks that ex-PM Alkatiri is a shoe-in as the next PM.

Now add some proposed presidential candidates : the head of the Timorese military Taur Matan Ruak (TMR) and the “rebel” Major Alfredo. So the last 3 names I mentioned are people who have possible criminal charges hanging over their heads with respect to last year’s troubles.

That should make for some interesting political (and legal) manoeuvring over the next few months. I hope Xanana has time to publish his favourite pumpkin soup recipe before he is taken up with electoral things. Xanana, happy to do a pumpkin soup cook-off anytime, any place. Winner takes all.

3 thoughts on “OK, so there might be some politics in this one

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  2. Whoa ! I just mentioned a few interesting names that have cropped up. I have no idea who will or will not actually run for anything. These are names that cropped up in the press or been mentioned, which may not even be the wish of the potential candidate.

    The main point is that names are being dropped, the direction of the political wind being measured and public reaction being tested. And maybe egos being stoked.

    And please do not use the term “fighting the upcoming elections” here. Enough already.

  3. Well
    Looking at Timor-Lestes Future, from my point of view, out of all of those candidates, i see no one else other than the ex-Prime Minister. I really believe that Dr. Mary Alkatiri must lead the Nation for another 5 years.

    Even though the up coming elections will be very interesting. Looking forward to follow it.

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