Beach Cafes – I am seeing double

I have finally tried out both of the new Beach Cafe incarnations and pronounce them both winners.  Not only winners, but a perusal of the menus reveals that the menu is exactly the same and the presentation almost exactly the same and they are 100 meters apart.

So which and when ?  The original one is at ground level and has the finer decor in both table settings and surroundings, and even music.

The newer one is one floor up at the Dili Beach Hotel and has the sea view but more utilitarian furnishings.  It is also about 50 cents or $1 cheaper for many items.  Both have the amazingly huge serving sizes and it seems a large number of people take home a doggy bag.

Being a fan of “padh thai”, there is absolutely no way I can get through one at a sitting and invariably I do a doggy bag take-away.

So which one ?  The “Dili Beach Cafe” for lunch or the full moon to take advantage of the sea view (but only if you can get the front tables) and the “Beach Cafe” at dinner or if you want a nice eating environment with a running water feature in the restaurant itself.

Next stop is the new “Route 66″ burger bar just near the front gate at the Landmark Supermarket”.