Dogs, chooks and Zen

While in Bali, it struck me just how these 3 things pretty much define some of the main differences between Bali and Dili.

Dili dogs are pretty nervous creatures and inclined to defend their territory fairly strongly, which is pretty good since most of them look to be craving a good feed.  The Bali dogs are real laid-back by comparison.  It can be a struggle just to get them to move off the road.  It appears they trust their 2 legged masters not to run over them.  While here, I can’t count the number of times dogs have given me a good tongue lashing and on a couple of occasions, a fair bit of foam.

And the chooks (ie chickens) that run around the streets here are of the most emaciated variety and explain just why most expat purchased chicken is imported from Brazil.  But the Bali variety seem to very hearty animals, stretching right up to the real flash lads on display in little cages.  The best specimens here are of the fighting cock variety.
Bali has lots of Zen but I am struggling to find much of it here in Dili.