The run-in to New Year

Ten days away from the road to Christ Rei and things change.  The Balinese Paradise restaurant has packed up and gone.  It looks like it has been vacant for 6 months.  The “guards” just said the lease finished.

I should have noticed earlier but the GNR (Portuguese military police) have moved out of Hotel Dili 2000 and moved to premises across the road from Camp Phoenix in town.

The old Coolspot night club is still under renovation but getting closer to completion.  It looks like it will be a cut above anything seen anywhere else in Dili.  There is a large open ground floor bar emerging in modern trendoid fashion.

I wouldn’t want to be the US ambassador who once had sweeping views of the sea from the residence.  His/her views are now soiled by a new bus station now taking shape across the road on the seashore.

I could be wrong but it feels like fireworks are the big new thing this year coming into the Christmas/New Year period.

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  1. Happy New Year to you and thanks for your perspective on Timore Leste over the last year or so.

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