Orphans Christmas Party

This morning, the Rotary Australia Liaison Office in Dili held the annual orphan’s Christmas Party in the grounds of the Asian Development Bank.  Rotary groups from New South Wales in Australia put together around 1,000 gift boxes which were handed out with the assistance of the Dili Hash House Harriers.

A big thank you must go to Rotary members in NSW who contributed and to Rotary’s Dili Liaison Officer, Daryl Mills for organising the event, Asian Development Bank for providing the venue (the grass area at the front of their offices) and the hash house harriers for organising kid’s games, cooking over 1,000 sausages, managing the feeding and distribution of gifts to the orphans.

And to Andy who spent 2 hours in a Santa costume dishing out gifts to up to 1,000 children in hot and humid conditions – legendary.