The Power Cuts

Three weeks ago, the Dili power supply encountered problems and there have been numerous and lengthy power cuts right across the city ever since.

Now this is OK if you have a generator supplying backup power. Generators are quite common here but domestically, tend to be available at hotels, some restaurants, serviced apartments and the numerous smaller accommodation complexes around town. Outside that, it is pretty much for the elite. Many expats enjoy the benefits of these generators.

I am in the smaller accommodation complexes category. This is good except the generator has been failing ever since this round of cuts started. For the last 2 weeks, the cuts have been daily and usually between 7pm and midnight and averaging about 3 hours.

You might think it is just a matter of calling a mechanic and the job is done. Well, local Timorese mechanics were unable to solve the problem, so a search went out for the best man in town. However, the best man in town was in hospital in Darwin.

Eventually, about the 5th person to look at the generator found a loose wire and re-connected it. Problem solved ! Hopefully, 2 weeks of candle power are over and I can remember the 1st half of the book I was reading 2 weeks ago.