Teresa’s TL Survival Guide

Teresa over at http://beyondteresae.blogspot.com has given a good account of her experience as a new arrival and the process of getting accommodation, finding your way around and working out how to get things done.

The specific posting “How to survive in Timor-Leste” can be found here.

Well worth a read as everyone’s experience will be different to some degree.

3 thoughts on “Teresa’s TL Survival Guide

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  2. Great observations. Enjoyed this a lot.

    I haven’t been to Dili for some months but I certainly did visit a lot from 1998 – 2003. Many of the places I stayed, ate at, and frequented have now disappeared – but some remain.

    I note that you are look for books to read. Can I unashamedly suggest you get a copy of my new book “Running Amok – When News Deadlines, Family and Foreign Affairs Collide” which is about being a news correspondent in Indonesia/East Timor during recent turbulent years!

    I am compiling a blogsite to promote it, travel writing and places like T.L. Indonesia etc which are close to my heart:

    (You can get Running Amok in Darwin bookstores.. or there are links on the blogsite to order online.) if this is impossible I can also organise for a contact in Dili to lend you a copy!!!

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