Seeking New Accommodation re-visited

After boldly deciding that the Hotel Timor was not the place to be during the next quake, we did a quick reccy of 2 more alternatives. One should keep in mind that we are only looking at 6 to 8 weeks accommodation.

The first place (Casa Minha) wasn’t too bad but the most suitable room wasn’t going to be available for another 2 weeks. So we put our names down.

Following recommendations, we had a look at the Timor Lodge Hotel. Its a little further out than a lot of the others being quite near the airport round-about in Comorro. We had arranged to meet up with the wife of an English couple who live in a villa there. But before seeing their place, we allowed the staff to show us what was on offer.

Well, 25 years ago, if I had the arse falling out of my trousers, I might have considered some of the rooms put on display. I suspect prisons in most western countries are in better nick than this lot. Finally, we met up with the English acquaintance who showed us her place. Yes, she agreed they were quite spartan and that they had spent a lot of money fixing it up, painting it and furnishing it.

For 6 to 8 weeks, not really an option for us. So back to the drawing board and back to the Hotel Timor, hoping that the next quake is far into the future.