Dili Gangs 101

I wake this morning to a spray of articles from the OZ press. Apart from obviously concentrating on the anti-OZ sentiments expressed this week, the most noticeable thing for me was that the reporters were all obviously in Dili.

A week ago, the ABC, Australian and Age/SMH were reporting remotely. Now they are all here. I think this is good. (Let me just say that with the slow decline of serious journalism, it would be a bit of a worry if bloggers took over this area of reporting. Its one thing to be reporting a small microcosm that is my world but another to be spending all day digging up the dirt.)

For a while, I have thought that someone needed to explain to me (and everyone else) just how the “gangs” work. This now appears to be a higher priority issue in the reporting. I heard several months back that someone was working on a history of the gangs in Dili (presumably since independence).

I hope it is made public as I believe it will explain a lot of things (to me as well). I noticed one of the press articles mention that up to 70% of all males in Dili are members of a “gang”. My understanding is that the “gangs” are more like “social clubs”, but a couple of “social clubs” have taken to more rough-house behaviour thus morphing into a “gang”.

And “gangs” are into stand-over tactics and some do drugs and probably protection rackets. I am dying to get my hands on this report.

5 thoughts on “Dili Gangs 101

  1. That report will be interesting… make sure to post a link if you find it.
    Thanks very much for doing the blog! – I’ve just come back from this year in Timor, and it’s good to keep up with random news.

    You mentioned the five great world cuisines. What are they?

  2. I have a copy of the report you’re probably referring to… “A survey of gangs and youth groups in Dili, Timor-Leste” by James Scambary (commissioned by AusAID). can contact me, or James directly (through AusAID?)

  3. News here in southern Oz is full of tales chrystal meth used by gang members. We can only hope it won’t all end in tears.

  4. Yesterday, I already asked some questions and was told it would be posted on the (presumably AusAID) web site this week, so I will post the link when it is available.

    Meanwhile, I seem to have copped a raw prawn or something from a new restaurant I tried last night. Don’t think I will be moving far this morning.

    I am not sure if I am in the right frame of mind to dredge my brain for those 5 great world cuisines, but I read it once and tended to agree.  I think it went something like French, Italian, Turkish, Asian and South American.  I have no problem with England not rating a mention or even Australia for that matter.  It was all about historical roots of food around the world.
    signed, He of rumbling guts

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