Some Perspective

Some of the international press reports suggest “Timor in chaos” and similar sentiments.  Apart from a couple of towns in the hills to the south, there is virtually zero trouble outside of Dili itself.  And even then, the trouble is always in pockets.

I had to pick up a few things today from a couple of places in the west of town and it sure was quiet.  There had been a bit more house burning and there were fires burning in a few places.  The Comorro market traders who had moved right next to Comorro Road had vacated today but the Landmark and Leader supermarkets were running as per normal.  The Makikit hardware only had his door open a little but he was open but not much else.  Elsewhere in town in the centre and eastern ends, it appeared to be business as usual by Dili standards.

I even cycled down to the Christo Rei statue at 5pm for a fresh mango juice at “Sol e Mar” then headed back before dusk.  I was wary but not scared in any way.

Of course, ask the helicopter guy who got hit in the face by a rock and was choppered to Darwin for treatment to his eye.  He might not be so mellow about it all.  But the airport area to the west was apparently a real schemozzle yesterday.

I suppose you have 2 choices – you stay at home and heed all security advice or you take your chances and hope you don’t just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And yes, I have the UN police number in my mobile phone.