UN report released

The “Report of the United Nations Special Commission of Inquiry for Timor-Leste” was released on 17 October. I note it is dated 2 October and I think it was initially expected about 8 October but I believe the UN wanted to be prepared for any security backlash.

Although the actual release date always seemed to be a rumour to me, most of the locals seemed to be prepared for it as of Sunday. Shops started closing on Sunday and Monday was very quiet. It seems not much happened and things have almost returned to “normal” (relative to recent times).

I have yet to read the 79 page report which can be downloaded in PDF format (440 kbytes) from the the UN web site at http://www.ohchr.org/english/docs/ColReport-English.pdf and leave it up to the reader to come to a conclusion.

I still expect a bit of discomfort over the coming weeks, not just for the people who have been named (and their supporters) but also for those disappointed that that some other names did not appear in the report.

And no, there is no suggestion of a foreign-initiated coup, something I have never heard seriously mentioned here. On 16 June, I mentioned some of the possibilities doing the rounds (http://wombathole.com/dili-gence/?p=115) and maybe I will have to mark the report card on who came closest to getting it right.