Back Again

Well, the theory goes that a break away recharges batteries and provides renewed enthusiasm.  Then I try to rationalise my emails (by modem) after the break.  Apparently my biggest friend I have in the world is called “Junk” and to top off my 97% of all emails from “Junk”, the spam farms have successfully found dili-gence.  (I curse the “real money up-front” ISP who “claims” to have spam filters on my incoming mail.)
I may be forced to insist on registration for those keen enough to want to post to dili-gence.  I may even have to study up on how to reduce spam on blog sites.  Maybe I’ll get over it.
Some mates have already told me that everything has pretty much been business as usual – the odd fire, the odd rock fight, the odd canister of tear gas.  It seems I didn’t miss a thing.