Out comes the dirty laundry finally

Well the dirt is finally coming out. I always wondered when it would hit the fan. The next couple of days should be interesting.

Then I will start marking some of those press and opinion pieces, some written by politically motivated drones who don’t know shite from clay.

Facts matter … opinions don’t.

2 thoughts on “Out comes the dirty laundry finally

  1. I am considering moving to Dili for work in the coming months. What do you believe is a comfortable expat package? And how are expats generally regarded. I have some xperience in this, as I have lived overseas for about 10 years.



  2. How long is a piece of string ?
    How wide is a river ?

    The only answer I can give is … pass. Are you a brain surgeon, road digger, barista ?

    Up until recently, I would have thought there were few opportunities for locally engaged but highly paid ex-pats. But now, I don’t really know.

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