Should you come back ?

I have had a number of requests from evacuees to comment on whether it is safe to return. All I can do is comment on what I see.

It really depends on where you work, where you live, do you have work (or a role to play) anymore or did you leave stuff in the fridge and your pre-pay electricity is about to run out.

I know some people who do not have a workplace to return to. Others where the entire objective of their original job will now have changed. In the case of many who work in “capacity building”, it may well be a “start again” with years of work down the drain.

For many, the decision is out of their hands and in the hands of the employer.

For those involved in work outside of Dili (perhaps Aileu, Gleno, Ermera and Maubisse excluded), things will barely have changed except for an influx of ITDs from Dili. I am unaware of any trouble elsewhere, however I have heard stories of groups consolidating themselves in the more far-flung places in preparation to assist their brethren in Dili.

It really is a mixed bag. There is no one answer, but I would suggest that anyone thinking that they can just come to “help” to think again. Right now, one more spare prick at a wedding is not what is needed.

One thought on “Should you come back ?

  1. Hi squatter,
    Your answer to this question is really good bcos there is no fixed anwer at all for this question. For me, i fall into the category of employer. I think before one comes back (or a newbie going into dili with the aim of helping), the person must really know(and have) what he’s going to do, his direction and also whether he is ready for a situation that might get out of control again(hope not).I pop by your site about twice a week and would like to get in touch with you when I get back to Dili(God knows when…sigh). Would like to further talk communicate to you via email if that’s alright? Wanna get to know you better(eg: like what you work as in Dili etc etc)

    [email protected]

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