After Brisbane, the temperatures seem lower but the humidity regularly higher. It always strikes me as strange that weather reports concentrate on temperature. As far as I can tell, temperatures are always over 20 degrees and usually over 25 degrees. To me, it seems that little information is provided if only a temperature reading is given. Humidity seems to be just as relevant.

So in Brisbane, I bought a hygrometer. I never read more than 75% in Brisbane, but here in Dili, I have not obtained a reading less than 90% and the hygrometer does not produce readings when it is over 90%.

It appears that the wet season rain pattern started only about 2 days after we arrived. It seems that the pattern is daily rain which starts at some time between 3pm and 5pm. Over the last 2 days, this rain has gone on for many hours. But at least, it is relatively cool and is very refreshing.

Unfortunately, the downside of the heavy rain is seen on the streets. Apparently, prior to the Indonesian departure in 1999, many of the city’s drains were filled with concrete, along with the trashing of many buildings in the city. The result is that the streets outside our hotel look like a swimming pool with water up to 15 cms deep. Makes for a confused footwear selection decision.